Testing and tagging midland

Testing and Tagging Midland

Ensure your workplace is safe and complies with Occupational Health and Safety regulations by regular testing and tagging of all portable appliances and cords.

OSH regulations require an employer to provide a safe workplace, to minimise the risk of injury or death to yourself and employees. Electrical testing and safety is an important aspect of this requirement and testing as per the Australian Standard 3760 can ensure compliance with these regulations.

In Phase Test and Tag can ensure compliance by regular testing of your appliances, cords and RCD’s (residual current device or “Safety Switch”). All testing is carried out by an accredited operator using certified calibrated test equipment which automatically prints out a tag with a bar code to enable easy tracking and identification of tested or out of date equipment.

When testing and tagging is complete a written or electronic log book is provided showing a record of all tested items, date retest is due and any failed items that need attention.

We provide a fast and efficient service and guarantee a 48 hour response (Monday to Friday) from the time you call us to having a technician on site testing your equipment.

In Phase Test and Tag provides a mobile service to the Eastern Suburbs including Midland, Midvale, Kalamunda, Guildford, Kewdale and Welshpool industrial areas and surrounds.


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